Drafts Need Endings

If I could turn these letters into coherent thoughts and tie the stars together to form constellations, I would feel much more at ease.  The truth is, I’m not really on much of a writing hiatus at all.  Instead, I’ve been collecting fragments and scattered ideas to form something that will hopefully make sense in the end.  I’ve been building deep studies and piecing together the puzzle of my heart.  It’s been a rather messy process and I think my hands have come out with quite a few cuts and bruises, but I’m excited about the outcome of it all.

It’s much like cultivating an old garden.  I’ve been working the ground for a while now, but I’m finally starting to get to the end of all the rusty pieces and broken pottery.  Flowers are bursting forth, and it’s time to write their story.  My mind is full of eraser crumbs and scratched out ideas, but the horizon is endless and I can barely catch my breath as we dance through the sunset of this chapter.

Santa Monica Pier, March 2015


~Tori Lynn


Technicolor Eyes

There’s a beauty in the break of dawn that the sunset will never know.
As a smile breaks on your horizon, every color is reflected in your eyes.
There’s a new kind of breathing when you break through the surface, and I swear the world is spinning faster.
When you’ve always seen the world in black and white, it’s time to see it in technicolor.
There’s more to this life than you’ve ever known, so take a deep breath and let it all go.
Credit benjaminheath.net
See it all different this time.
Open your technicolor eyes.
~Tori Lynn


If I could capture this moment,
I would call it contentment,
With the sun slipping down,
Mingling with the clouds,
As Paramore streams from the speakers,
And we talk about everything and nothing,
Turning the pages,
Digging into the Word,
Singing and laughing,
This is family,
And this is contentment.
It doesn’t matter what we have,
because we’ve made it this far,
it doesn’t matter where we are,
because we’re bound in this task,
to love Him,
to love each other,
to love them all,
and nothing could be grander.
~Tori Lynn