Psalm 34:5 Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame. 

Radiance is something I never knew before. At best my face would give adull glow, but since I’ve looked to him, I can’t shake it. When people tell me things like, 

“You look so happy!”

It brings a smile to my face, for I’m sure I do. I no longer have to wear shame on my face, because my God doesn’t disappoint. 

So if you aren’t feeling radiant, perhaps it’s time for an eye exam. Are you really looking to Him? Because my awesome Bible says that if you are, your face will never be covered with shame. And I can tell you, the moment you set your eyes on anything else, worse things than shame can befall you. Keep your eyes set on the One that can deliver you from death.

Ephesians 5:10  and find out what pleases the Lord.

~Tori Lynn


When it Comes to Start Living

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”
― Benjamin Franklin

I never knew this was a Benjamin Franklin quote until yesterday, but I have sort of tried to live by it for many years.  However, it is a large reason why my writing has tapered quite a bit.

Something worth reading.

I always ask myself when I write something, if it will benefit the reader, and if it truly reflects love.  Otherwise, is there a real purpose to writing it?  Though, it is true that the best writings come from negative emotions, what do they leave a person with?

Perhaps it’s simply come time to start living.

Life is an adventure, seize it.  For this is our journey, and what is a journey if left uncompleted?

~Tori Lynn


There often comes time where you simply have to


And just when you think you’re there,

wait for it.

Because we’re simply impatient, and none of us really want to


Then again, perhaps it’s a reflection, for our entire lives we are destined to


For the very hope we have is promised, but we must

wait patiently for it.

And if our desires in this life are worth waiting for, how much more is that joy

worth the wait.

I’ve given up on a number of things, simply because I wouldn’t

wait for it.

But I’ve begun to learn, the best things truly are

worth waiting for.

And the funny thing is, as time goes on, it makes you wonder if they truly will come, but you simply have to


Though, giving up is an option, I can’t guarantee that giving up yields a reward

worth waiting for.

And in every hope of this life, as I hang over cliff after cliff, I’m beginning to understand the true anticipation of my hope that I


Romans 8:25 But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.

~Tori Lynn

My dear friend Graci shared this and it needs to be shared with all of you.

Call me Graci

“God saw all that He had made, and it was very good.” Genesis 1:31

Good. Not worthless. Good.

You’re not worthless, not even close. Why would He take so much time thinking about you if you were? God, the creator of the Universe, thinks about you. You must be worth something then, right?

Right. You’re worth a lot, actually.

Jesus died for you. Yes, for you. He not only thought you were good, He thought you were priceless, something He couldn’t bare to loose.

So, hypothetically speaking, if He thinks you’re priceless, then you must not be worthless.

That puts a whole new spin on things, don’t you think?

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Wondering Wanderings

Revelry just doesn’t sound right without at least 5 or 6 moans thrown in with the shrill melody.


Something I’ve had quite a bit of time for is thought. When writing Japanese lettering, my mind often wanders, especially when I begin to recognize their meanings and sounds. There’s something sweet about the aching of a hungry stomach, being able to tell it to wait. After all, the adventurers live on less and do more. My mind floats in a soft reverie as it drifts on. Searching the night sky for the moon can become vexatious after many nights of not seeing it, but don’t lose hope, for it shall return again. Every path winds on in different directions, some will meet again within a few miles while others won’t meet for scores and hundreds of them, perhaps even more for they roll over the hilltops beyond sight through the soupy fog. I do not stand still because I enjoy being stationary, but because it is not quite time to move forward. Moving on to another place at this time would be stepping off the dock before your boat arrives to whisk you away. No doubt if you can swim, you will survive the plunge, you’ll likely make it out in time for your boat anyhow, you’ll just end up sopping wet, losing most of your supplies. In which case you must wait on the dock, watching the seas roll on and on without you. A rather intriguing sight it is, it is up to the gazer to notice it. Staring at your thumbs is something you can do no matter where you are, but gazing at the true beauty will only last for a second, because every second you’re seeing a different part of it. Whilst waiting, do not forsake nor neglect what is around. If we were all to do that, we would not be worthy of arriving at our destination, for our journey was wasted on idle time.


Bienvenido a 2012

(Welcome to 2012)


This, is my first post of the year! I am dearly sorry it has taken so long. I’m a little ashamed that I’ve naught to say, so I shall come up with something.

Yes, I am working on part 5 of TTS (Through the Storm), but I am only about 336 words into it, out of the customary 1000 I like to have in each piece. With school and drawings and such, not to mention other story projects, I’ve been really busy as of late. So, this is going to be a random blast of information with something worthwhile thrown into it, most likely.

Been watching: Clannad/ Clannad after story
An amazing anime, touching, well-written… A story I should never forget. I would highly recommend it, to anyone who can appreciate the art of animes.. It was particularly beautiful. The character build and

Listening to: ….O.o A lot.
For King & Country, Skillet, Owl City, We as Human, Shawn McDonald, Mree, Clannad Soundtracks, LOTR soundtracks, ect…

Reading: The Bible, of course :), The Hobbit (J.R.R. Tolkein) and Heaven’s Wager (Ted Dekker)

In all truth and honesty, I have a ton of stories to get to, so I will cut this incredibly short. I hope you are all doing well, thank you for taking your time to read, hopefully I will have something for you soon.

In the meantime, I came across something old, http://wp.me/pPHy6-dr I reread it today, if you’d like to as well, go ahead. Funny, how one’s own writing can mean something more to them, later on.. I know this is sort of a strange entry, but my mind is sort of jumbled up and split up between several stories right now, so peace and blessings to you all! If you have any suggestions or feedback, please comment.


Christmas-New Years


This next week consists of the very last days of 2011. This year has perhaps been the quickest most different year of my life. I’ve made many a new friends to the point where I couldn’t even list them all, I’ve lost a couple as well.. Be heard. What was 2011 for you? What did you learn?
I’ve learned more and more about love and faith and much about patience and trusting God. Waiting. This has been a year of waiting. This next week I will hardly leave my house until new years eve as far as I’ve been told, so what can I do, for a big final shout? I plan to work on the story I’ve selected to share with you all, but what else? I’ve been thoroughly blessed this year and I hope you all have been as well. Perhaps a couple more beautiful park days lie in wait. Perhaps I will meet a new friend before the week is over. What do you hope for this week? I’ve been nostalgically looking through old posts. Maybe I’ll select a few to showcase that aren’t junk. I’ve realized how much of my story lies behind these words, and with just short of 4,000 views I am honored that you all take your time to read my word blood, so to speak.. Thank you greatly.

Peace, joy and hope to you all. ~Tori