When it Comes to Start Living

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”
― Benjamin Franklin

I never knew this was a Benjamin Franklin quote until yesterday, but I have sort of tried to live by it for many years.  However, it is a large reason why my writing has tapered quite a bit.

Something worth reading.

I always ask myself when I write something, if it will benefit the reader, and if it truly reflects love.  Otherwise, is there a real purpose to writing it?  Though, it is true that the best writings come from negative emotions, what do they leave a person with?

Perhaps it’s simply come time to start living.

Life is an adventure, seize it.  For this is our journey, and what is a journey if left uncompleted?

~Tori Lynn


2 thoughts on “When it Comes to Start Living

  1. Sandra Ellis says:

    Hello Sweetie. Miss you lots.

    See message below and send me an e-mail to put in her book; she still remembers you and Alix.

    What was best about Christmas?

    Lots of love and blessings.

    write notes for Mrs. Pearl Harris, a nursery and pre-school worker who has worked for over 20 years is retiring. These notes will be presented to her in a book on her retirement. She has faithfully loved on the children of Bay Leaf for a long time

    Sandra Ellis

    (919) 612-3786

  2. Brenda Mendoza says:

    I love this song Tori! Thank you for making the only true point that matters. Love. Whats the point out of my piece of message if it doesn’t leave with love. Therefore I love you and thanks for this. Helps with taming the tongue

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