There often comes time where you simply have to


And just when you think you’re there,

wait for it.

Because we’re simply impatient, and none of us really want to


Then again, perhaps it’s a reflection, for our entire lives we are destined to


For the very hope we have is promised, but we must

wait patiently for it.

And if our desires in this life are worth waiting for, how much more is that joy

worth the wait.

I’ve given up on a number of things, simply because I wouldn’t

wait for it.

But I’ve begun to learn, the best things truly are

worth waiting for.

And the funny thing is, as time goes on, it makes you wonder if they truly will come, but you simply have to


Though, giving up is an option, I can’t guarantee that giving up yields a reward

worth waiting for.

And in every hope of this life, as I hang over cliff after cliff, I’m beginning to understand the true anticipation of my hope that I


Romans 8:25 But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.

~Tori Lynn


2 thoughts on “Cliffhanger

  1. Nonny says:

    Yes, I’m “waiting” for you to touch ground in NC…so excited to see you…ah, it is snowing on this screen. Love you and can’t “wait” to hug you.

  2. Craig Schaffer says:


    Thank you for this blessing that I received today!

    May I use this as a sermon illustration this week? I am in a series for Advent answering the question “Who is this Jesus?” This week’s answer is “Our Savior.”

    I think this will help get across a great point about him.

    God Bless You!!!



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