Outside of the realm of animes I usually watch, this quaint story twisted my mind and heart quite a bit.  When it was recommended to me, I was quite skeptical.  In the end, however, I genuinely enjoyed it.  Honestly, there was something to be learned in every episode, the story writing was fabulous and the character development was subtle, but rich.  The entire story had a mystical appearance, letting the depth of every word sink in a little more.

“Often times, people simply deny the existence of what they do not understand, and anyone who tells them otherwise is a liar. What they don’t know stays ‘unexplained’ and they are happy with that.”  ~Yuuko

Watanuki’s story begun with a fated meeting and the craziest of experiences followed.  While he was stubborn, circumstances have a way of teaching you what you didn’t even want to know.  Through the turns of life, there are decisions to be made and habits to be broken if we are to move on.  This truth among others is displayed beautifully.

“Once you notice something, you can never return to the time when you did not notice it.” ~Haruka

As Watanuki grew and learned, I felt like I was following him into similar chapters in life.  Dedication is a price with a grand reward and the loyalty of friends is often earned without our noticing, but we are not alone in this life.

“Instead of regretting what we cannot do, it is better to do anything we can do. Even if what we do does not bring us to our final goal… It brings us that much closer to it.” ~Yuuko


Excellent story, beautiful, though very different artwork and wonderful characters.  It was a story worth falling in love with.  Though everything may not have been answered in the end, perhaps everything does not always need an answer.

~Tori Lynn


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