Beyond the Boundary (KnK)

This beautiful story has been on my “To Watch” list for quite some time. Ever since I saw images and quotes from the characters, I was determined to see how the puzzle fit together.

Following both Mirai and Akihito, the story weaves along the dangerous line between destiny and impossible decisions. Due to the delicately intricate plot, I have a difficult time saying much about it without spoiling the story. However, it is certainly one that won my heart.

A person can work for their ideals. But if you lose sight of those ideals, when things don’t work out as you hoped, you’ll never accomplish anything! You won’t be able to protect yourself or those dear to you. — Hiroomi Nase

One of the most beautiful elements was how they kept pushing you past the point of wondering if there is indeed a way out. Despite Mirai and Akihito’s understanding of each other, like any friendship, the understanding was incomplete. When (regardless of the cause) you are ostracized from a “normal life,” you are quick to love those in a similar state, no matter how truly different it is.

Perhaps this story rings clearly of love above all. Not love as in the feeling, but in the realm of self sacrifice. The darkest depths of our souls that seem entirely unlovable can be healed, but despite them we can still be loved, and we are still capable of love.  Despite what we’ve done with our lives, we are capable of change.

The navy blue ribbon of a new student is fluttering in the wind. This is where the progression in stories takes two strongly diverging paths. Down one path, the protagonist actively participates in the story and aids in its progression. Down the other, the protagonist remains passive and allows the story to carry itself. I clearly belonged in the second category, but for some odd reason, I chose to follow the first path. — Akihito Kanbara

The usual element of trust betrayed at the exposure of a secret has become a bit of a cliche to me, but nothing is so beautiful as the unpleasant truth that we must move beyond trust that was inevitably broken by underlying truths.  Life is more complicated and beautiful than a simple story, and this anime displays that wonderfully.

This story has shown me once again, how beyond the most unpleasant and difficult odds, if we continue to fight and love, something will come of this effort. Perhaps the title suits this best, that we are able to push beyond the boundary that has entrapped us. Though, there is always more to life than we would think at first.

~Tori Lynn


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