I’ve owed you something for quite some time,
And the time is now here,
Even though my words seldom rhyme
I’ll give it a try this year.


From doughnuts in the fort,
to teaching me to swim,
I’ve always watched you work,
and followed you out on a limb.


From you I know,
my cheesiest jokes have come,
and when I run out,
you always have another one.


Despite where I go,
With all we’ve come through,
You’ll always be my Daddy,
and I really love you.


My first job as a lifeguard,
I learned it all from you,
when I thought I couldn’t do it,
you helped push me through.


At graduation you shared a poem,
and I have to admit,
as you read out our adventures,
I teared up quite a bit.


From years at camp,
And times at the beach together,
It’s safe to say,
You don’t really know the..
Fun we’re going to have when I visit next week.  I love you daddy.

~Tori Lynn


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