Romans 14:23b and everything that does not come from faith is sin.


Every step should be a step in faith.
Faith is a confidence, a trust in the unseen.
Were I to look up and suddenly not trust the ground,
I would be considered a fool.
And rightly so.

So why is it,
that when I doubt the steps I take,
that it seems natural?
This should not be,
for as much as the ground is still there,
surely He has and will be there longer.

Photo on 4-28-14 at 10.56 AM

This is quite the epic journey
And one rather unexpected.
However, this is no excuse to doubt.
I must be confident in my steps.
Not only on the physical ground,
but on this tangible pathway where grace abounds.

If I am to doubt,
as I have,
I am thankful for those
who correct my course.
That is love.

Full of twists and never-ending turns,
this journey will wind on.
And I am ever thankful
that this is the journey I am on.

~Tori Lynn


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