The Secret World of Arrietty

This adorable Ghibli movie is definitely among my favorite films now.  Since I first saw the trailer for it, I was determined to find it, and this past week I did.  As with any Ghibli movie, the artistry was stunning and gorgeous.  Never lacking in beautiful scenery saturated with color, the visuals were astounding.

However, the cute little story surpassed this beauty by a landslide.  The borrowers were tiny people-like creatures that lived off of things humans would never miss.  Arrietty found herself curious when a sick boy moved into the house they borrowed from.  The elements of friendship, family and trust fascinated me, as they were sown in so subtly in such a childlike format.  The beauty of extravagant simplicity marks every Ghibli film I’ve ever seen.

Perhaps, the thought that was left on my heart is to never disregard the beauty of the small moments.  To remember that wherever the journey of life takes us, every moment shaped who we become.

~Tori Lynn


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