So much information is poured into our minds every day. As much as I hate passing over a good looking book, article or even set of links, I have come to realize that we simply do not have the capacity to soak it all in.

I suppose that is how information defines us. As an individual, every person has their own set of information they have come by, or rather chosen. Some have less available and soak in every bit they can get their minds around, others have so much that it all starts bouncing off their skull eventually, and most of us have formed a sort of balance.

Storing information is a fairly common obsession in the human race. We like things preserved for future use, if such use ever comes. Then sometimes we memorize things only for a certain time period, eager to forget them as soon as we have been tested upon them.

I’m amazed at how one can not touch a bike for 10+ years and pick it up again with ease, yet if you leave your guitar in its case for a few weeks, it’s as if you had never played before.  Yet there is something still left over, a spark of a memory, a thin shadow.

So much information consumes us every day, yet we can hardly begin to soak up half as much as we’d like. Personally, I scroll past years worth of material every day that I would have loved to delve into. Alas, this is how our priorities define us.

Even in writing, I find myself agitated when I go without writing something decent everyday. However, I suppose it’s a rather grand idea. For seldom does one live a life worth writing about when they also have time to record every moment of it.

~Tori Lynn


One thought on “Information

  1. Sandra Ellis says:

    Great insight; have a wonderful day…love you so, so much! Nonny

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