Attack on Titan

This gruesome anime is not for those with weak stomachs, to start with.  I typically stay away from the gory ones, but the story and the characters eventually drew me in.  Taking on a apocalyptic world of sorts, human kind has been reduced to a three-level system of walled cities by enormous somewhat-humanoid monsters called Titans (hence the title).  After around a century of peace within the walls, most humankind had settled with their meager existence within the walls.

The story mostly follows Eren Yaeger, who through certain strange circumstances provides a glimpse of hope against the unusual titans that appeared, breaking the century of peace.  However, I found his struggle fascinating.  Any of you who know me at all know that I must draw something from stories for them to be enjoyable.  To tell the truth, the battle elements of the story really illuminated bits of my own life.  Our journey.

Throughout the elements of trust and warfare as well as strength and facing impossible challenges, there is so much I have drawn away from this intense anime.  The twists made me constantly want to ditch the story all together sometimes, much like life it was super confusing at times.  (Not to mention, the second season STILL hasn’t been green lighted for some reason.)

My favorite quote was by none other than Armin Arlet:

“A person who cannot give up anything can change nothing.”

Truth be told, despite it being much unlike any other anime I’ve ever watched, I sincerely enjoyed it and gleaned much.  This quote however, is one that will stick with me for a very long time.

The elements of a team really stuck into me as well.  Even when they failed together, or the wrong call was made.  They were increasingly aware that every decision they made affected those around them.  However, they were even more aware that doing nothing would end in death for all of them.

“If you win, you live. If you lose, you die. If you don’t fight, you can’t win!” -Eren Yaeger

The fight doesn’t end with a small victory.  Keep pushing through.

~Tori Lynn


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