A whisper of the wind,

leaves falling down,

the grass twirls around,

as the sun bakes the ground.


I’m lost in the sky,

and in comes the night,

as stars fade away,

the moon shines bright.


There’s a quiet peace,

something above it all,

that transcends silence when it falls,

scaling every wall.


The kind of journey worth taking,

the sort of step worth taking,

the stride uphill,

and troubles that fill.


The path of greater worth,

is rarely one of ease,

but it has the greatest joys,

the heart is hard to please.

~Tori Lynn



One thought on “Peace

  1. Sandra Ellis says:

    Very thoughtful…wish you were here to write about the quiet white snow which blankets our lives…

    Love you always….

    Sandra Ellis

    (919) 612-3786

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