Sword Art Online

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I recently finished a lovely anime known as Sword Art Online (SAO)
I have to admit, I teared up quite a bit, and spent most of the anime on the edge of my seat.  Beautifully done, the idea of being trapped in a game was used to the best extent I’ve ever seen.  Following Kirito-Kun through his adventures in the virtual and real world, I empathized with his character nearly the entire time.
To have such a large group of strong characters, they were all put together in such a way that worked perfectly.  As in life, sometimes the people that cross our paths and the times that they do simply couldn’t have worked out any other way.
The plot was excellent, and my heart for adventure was reawakened (not that it ever really got much of a break in the first place).  As with how Kirito constantly encountered interesting and some detestable characters, this life is incredibly full of different people.
In my most recent adventures, I’ve come to know the most diverse group of lives I’ve ever known.  Where I’m at, much like the virtual world of SAO threw us from all different walks of life into one noble purpose, to save the world.
Despite how daunting, or even impossible it may seem at time, we have to keep in mind that this thing has already been won for us.  The ultimate battle has been fought, and we’re never entirely alone.  Fighting solo may seem easier, but there’s so much that you can never accomplish alone.  However, as our paths bend and cross together, they also turn away at times.  Regardless of where we are, we must not lose heart in this grand journey.
~Tori Lynn

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