Among Our Number

The leaflets were known to spread life.  Starting  in the garden, they reached to the rest of the yard and then, one day, the entire world.
Ellie and Clara cared for many of the seeds in the northern corner of the southern patch in the main garden.  Clara herself was a young leaflet, fresh out of the ground.  The garden was so incredibly vast, she could hardly imagine the rest of the yard, much less the world.  However, they both seemed to know that their little patch was exactly where they needed to be.
As they cared for the seeds, they watched them sprout to life for the first time.  Children of light in a world of shadows.  Great towers cast shadows over the entire garden, but the leaflets brought light from the Sun into their patches, spreading to the entire garden and beyond.
Day after day, Ellie and Clara poured sunlight into their new seeds.
On particularly dark days, other leaflets would bring more sunlight from other patches.  One day, Clara was tending their patch alone.  There were more seeds than she could possibly handle, and the sunlight was waning much too quickly.  Ellie rushed onto the patch last minute, “Ah!  I’m so sorry I wasn’t here earlier.”
“It’s fine, just help me with this struggler.”  Clara passed a parched seed over to the older leaflet.
“Aw, this one has promise.”  Ellie poured strained more of the sunlight into the little seed.
“I don’t know how much longer we can keep pouring into them like this.”  Clara sighed and wiped her forehead.
“We won’t have to, not like this anyway.”  Ellie smiled.  “These two are about to break open, and soon their saplings will grow.  Before you know it, they’ll not only be alive, but among our number.”
“Among our number…”  Clara poured water onto one of the seeds gently.  “And they’ll be helping us to bring more and more seeds to life.”
“They’ll be a lot of work, even more after they’ve sprouted.”  Ellie commented, picking briars away from the edge of the patch.
“Spry little saplings,”  Clara laughed.
Ellie nodded and pushed dirt back over the seeds.  “I think they’re going to sprout soon, more will be planted, and we’ll fill the entire patch with sunlight.”
“One day.”  Clara covered the last seed with a smile.
~Tori Lynn

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