In all of my journeys, wherever they have taken me, there have always been those special places where everything else disappears for a moment.
One I found in the depths of the ocean, in that moment when you can no longer see land in any direction.  The salty waves rolled on forever and the breeze kissed my face.  I could stand on the end of the boat and I was ever aware of the gravity the rest of life bore in that moment in comparison to myself.  Endless depths stretched in every direction, those of which I could never entirely search out.
One I found in the rising fog after the rain, where the asphalt melted the waters into the summer sky.  The greatest tranquility settled over that place as the mist lifted through the pines and oaks.  The world seemed to stop as wind stirred leaves over the gravel, and that was all there was.  I was practically breathing serenity, my heart was still in those moments.
And then there was this shoreline, by a great lake that stretched and curved like a giant, unmoving river.  It wasn’t really all that much, but as the sun set over it, you would have thought it was the most beautiful of places.  Lined by rocks and trees, a stillness of nostalgia overwhelms the whole place.  The little wall by the grass-ridden sand rests ever still in time, as much changes, it remains still.
Another I found riverside at the foot of a mountain, where life seemed endlessly full of hope.  The surging force alongside the steady foundation showed me balance, a scene that deserved silence and bubbled with inspiration.  Whether the clouds chilled my arms or the sun warmed my face, it was one of those places that I could have stayed without a second thought.
There was also a place like this in the depths of the mountains, among icy mountaintops and never-ending forests.  A place which begged me to become a part of, to interact with it.  Wonder filled my mind and everything was so far beyond my reach.  The trees went on forever and the faces of rock were more than I could count.
This one place could have stretched on forever and I never would have tired of it.  A lake shimmering like glass with the clearest of waters and the most brilliant of lights.  The whole place is a breath of fresh air every time, and when you look around, you cease to fathom that the rest of the world still exists somewhere.  It’s like something out of a story, completely surreal.
A special place is full of the softest of grass and trees that stretch to the sky.  When you’re there, you become a part of it.  Every movement of the bugs in the grass, every tremble of the trees in the wind, every drop of rain on your face welcomes you to stay.  It’s one of those places you can lay in for hours without saying a word, completely unaware of the time passing above you.  The quiet enveloped me in a sound unlike anything else, and I had never so wanted to be a part of somewhere.
And there’s a place by the side of a road, where everything passes by and I’ve never felt so away from it all, yet still connected in some strange way.  A place where the night sky breaks in and the stars burst forth.  The tracks run on out of sight and the lights give some sort of quiet hope off, beside everything, it’s quiet and still, beautiful in the strangest of ways.
Yet another at the top of everything, with cities stretching on well out of sight.  The ocean rests quietly beyond it all, and when you stand there, the cityscapes seem to go on forever.  There’s a strange stillness in standing above it all, still being able to see it.
Then I found a new special place, like all of these but different, for I had never found a quiet special place amid a huge city.  Skyscrapers on every side, even underneath, it has every right to be chaotic with the city, but instead it’s a little oasis of serenity in the midst of it all.  As still as a mountainside, as quiet as the grass, yet it holds the beauty of the lakes stretching on.  The lights shine quietly, breaking into the dark and the structure upholds some sort of balance in a beautifully surprising way.  A city escape, somewhere I simply want to be a part of.
These are but a few, and I hope to find more as time goes on.  They are gems amidst all that goes on.

~Tori Lynn


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