Truly I’m amazed and overwhelmed with gratitude for the truth.  I can’t really say how much- when everything seems like a blur, we’ve been given His holy word.  I don’t want to forget how much it means to me, that we have this precious gift, I never want it to depart from my hands or from my lips.

How could I express how insignificant the rest of this life seems to be with every day I see?  As I pour over these precious words, they slice with no remorse.  It cuts deep to the heart and removes the jaded parts, keeping us from death and giving us the breath of life that we need each day.

All of the rest has been a ladder or a test, for life winds on and we only see a piece.  Everything flies around, insanity takes another round and everyone is looking for some sort of peace.  I was disturbed by the patterns of the world that we live on each day, in every place I ever stayed for a second or more, I still wanted more.  More to this life, more of what’s right, something legit, not lies and good quips.

Now that I’ve died, I’ve found a new life.  I can finally see the light and it’s more than I might have imagined or ever hoped for, like stepping through a new door to find a universe at your fingertips, a place from which I never want to slip.  My first breath out of the water was the first step on a new path, for too long I had just sat and waited for something to make me less jaded by everything that weighed me down.

Kindness was shown and forgiveness brought forth to my weary soul.  Underserving as I was, I was treated as something else.  As if I had anything to offer, a life was given, as if I had spent the last eighteen years of my life in any admirable way, I was given new life, as if I had not been unfaithful, I was loved all the more.  I was cared for and taught when my own pride was my blind side.

Family found me in a new place, surrounded by unfamiliar faces, I began to treasure them more each day.  For treasures they are, little shining and unfamiliar stars, shining the light of something bigger than I had ever known before.  With eagerness, I have found the blessedness of the simplest of days so long as they’re in praise of the One who loved me enough to die, how could I give Him any less of myself than my all?

Unusual as it may be, this is the life that I’ve come to see is more worth living than anything I ever could have dreamed up or imagined.  To be trained in the way of life above just living, but to thrive, these are things I could not have grasped.  However, all of this I’ve found at last, and yet it only begins here.  For days will pass and so will years, and this is the life I’ve been given, not to waste or forsake.

Let my life be one saturated in gratefulness, in love and the desire for truth at all times.  For above all else I am thankful for, You my God are the highest.  So much I’ve been given, so immensely I’ve been blessed, but You my God are so much more above the rest.  Not only did you give me life, but you made me new, and even still you gave me family, and after I’ve given everything up, you keep surprising me every single day.  Words could never quite say how thankful I am for You.


~Tori Lynn


One thought on “Thankful

  1. Sandra Ellis says:

    I thank God every day for you and how you have always been so grounded in the Faith. I love you and look forward to seeing you and holding you during Christmas.

    Love, Nonny

    Sandra Ellis

    (919) 612-3786

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