I’ve been in the lesson lane for years
I stared out so weak
Unable to even hold myself up in the water
And I still waded deeper
Until I could barely breathe
I learned how to float
While others seemed to be swimming circles around me
And I longed to swim as they were
But I felt so inadequate
I watched and mimicked until I had it
I nailed their patterns
Until I could push myself through the water
But I was so far from the right strokes
Through pain and trials
I learned the strokes
And molded my body to the water
I flew the rise and fall
I broke the water and submerged as if I were born for it
Then I started practicing
I was swamped
They poured over me
I felt overwhelmed
But I swam up
I pushed to keep up
And I fell
I was drowning
And I looked around
And so was everyone else
I was pushing against it all
The lane was full
And we were dying
I searched the waters
For someone to teach me
Everything before seemed so small
The water pushed at my lungs
And there they were
Swimming with the waves
With the currents they dove
They flew through the water naturally
And I tried to mimic them
They spoke of teaching me
And I wanted it so badly
So I fought the waves
And the water brought me to where they were
We dove to the depths
And I gave it all
I submerged into death
And broke the surface to life
We started the race
And shot through the water
We raced on and on
Flying through it all
Teaching others to swim with us
We weren’t swimming for the race
Or for the people watching
Or even for the times
Or ourselves
We swim for the water
The very life that we live
And as the water surrounds us
It’s all that really matters
~Tori Lynn

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