We dream up this idea
That we can grasp eternity

We chase after the fantasies
That we created for ourselves

We ruin the very things we cherish
More than anything else
In the name of forever
With the notion that we found it

We sell our hearts and minds
And pour every hope into one dream
Certain that we aren’t like everyone else
Who watches the bottle break into dust

Where did this concept come from?

It was placed in our hearts
Before we were formed

It was laced into our beings
From the beginning of time

For forever is infinite
As is love.

It’s funny how we chase forever
When forever has been by our side
Through every shattered hope
And every misplaced step

Everything else is only a mirror
A fraction of forever

For He has truly loved us forever
And He always will.

~Tori Lynn


3 thoughts on “Forever

  1. Sandra Ellis says:

    He certainly will. Billy Graham’s My Hope America will be on tv on the West Coast at 7:00p this evening plus other times through the week-end. I am watching it tonight. Love you and miss you!!!!!

  2. Sandra Ellis says:

    Check this out; I thought of you when I saw it. Looking forward to seeing you and hugging you until we can’t turn loose. Miss you so much.

    Love, Nonny

    Sandra Ellis

    (919) 612-3786

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