Time is a fragile thing,
It’s there and then gone,
It passes relentlessly as the wind,
It bends to no will except God alone.

Time is a cruel fate,
When you live by it’s tick,
It drives you to the ground,
And eats away your life.

Time is an unmatched force,
If you ride the waves,
It can take you through life,
and help you along the way,
But if you fight the currents,
It wears you thin,
It chills you to the bone,
Like a cold winter wind.

Time is a path of change,
For as it passes nothing remains,
Everything changes by the tick of the clock,
In moments things gained,
In seconds things lost.

Time can be growth,
If you thrive in the ones you have,
You will find yourself not only looking back,
But instead looking down.

~Tori Lynn


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