You never really know what to expect, cause friends come out of nowhere and in a moment everything’s different.  Love changes everything and secrets are often rather pointless knives in our own backs.  Let the fire in my soul drive me towards the truth.

I’ll sing the last songs of this journey with my whole heart and the stories it brought me will be told in due time.  I can say with all certainty, however, that I am not the same person who boarded a plane six weeks ago.

It’s amazing how much little things can change us, but then again we are little things ourselves.  Thank you all for this journey, I couldn’t have made it this far without you.

As my eyes fall on the Costa Rican horizon for the last time (at least for a while) this morning, I’ll have to smile, because I’ve never had a time like this before.

Saturated with joy and hope, I’ll take the next step.  How could I simply look to the future and lift my leg without stepping into all that’s ahead?

I’ll wave goodbye with tears in my eyes, and these are times I’ll never forget.  Even still, I hope to see you all again, so until then, farewell my friends.

~Tori Lynn


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