A Bit of Everything

Everything changes and you can never really fathom how.  In a whirlwind of indecision, we’re swept off our feet into it all.  A faint glow alludes to the thought that we aren’t quite alone, as the moon stands by.

I’m racing through these thoughts and I can’t imagine why.

Letting go, falling to the mist.  I’m enveloped in serendipity and I wonder how you found me.  What do you see?  Because everything’s out there.  Nothing is new as time winds on, open your eyes and see the sun.  Embrace truth, drink in the rivers.  Dive to the depths of it all.

New horizons grace my mind, open doors to stranger eyes.  Life is changing, don’t look back, it all adds up to what’s ahead.  Cling to the Word and hold fast, we’re changing course ahead.


Eternity stretches on as we fall to the ground, above all the noise, love remains the purest sound.  Catch me as I fall, I’ve let go of it all.  The rain washes away the traces of older days, leaving a smile on my face.

There’s so much out there, untouched and mysterious.  If I could fly, I’d never run out of places to see.  As I’m aching for the sights unknown, these shivers take to my heart.  For life’s not an easy journey.  The more you take up, the more you must learn to leave behind, again and again.

Foot steps filled with tears, we’ll move onward through the years.  For everything happens in a moment, and then it’s gone.  Wash me away in the tide, I’m all Yours.

~Tori Lynn


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