Howl’s Castle

A mystifying dream, a gorgeous moment of surreality.

The movie is simple and beautiful, unlike anything I’d seen before.  It stole our hearts and left us breathless, wishing for more.  A beautiful story beyond any other telling, lovely characters and amazing scenes.  It was like a dream.


Much like it, we saw what appeared be be Howl’s Castle on a hill, far away.  Every day we passed it in wonder, marveling at what it could be.  It was a beautiful mystery and it captured our attention in such a surreal manner we couldn’t grasp.  My imagination bubbled with anticipation of capturing a glimpse.

Alas, we were caught off guard by the truth of it, for our castle turned out to be only trees.  It mystifies me, how perfectly positioned they are, that even still they appear to be our little castle.  It gives me great joy when we pass it, for though we know what it is now, it’s one of those beautiful illusions.



Sometimes beautiful illusions can brighten our day, in the paths of life, we may need them every now and then.  They can bring smiles to our souls and bind us together in sweet memories.

~Tori Lynn


One thought on “Howl’s Castle

  1. Nonny says:

    Thanks for sharing; I will also think it is a castle. Hope all is well with you; praying for you daily. Love, Nonny

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