Theory of Distraction

There’s an element out of my reach, beyond my understanding.  The thought that things will go away if you simply leave them standing.  That you can shove them in the rain, close the door, and they’ll melt away.  That the more you pile in, the more will filter out.

See, this theory never works for me.  I can’t quite comprehend it.  Nothing flows in simply and everything leaves marks.  Nothing comes through this forest without leaving seeds behind.  I cannot fathom such a thought as simplicity of the mind.

The more I see, the larger the puzzle.  Everything finds a place.  The pile of missing puzzle pieces always leaves a trace.  I can’t quite fathom empty time, where nothing grows or dies.  Time wears on, and so does life, even once we die.

The theory of distraction is more foreign than any land.  Through these days of mental saturation, I wander with shaking hands.  No matter how you may try to escape, truth will dawn again.  The more you try to bury it, with more pain it will begin.

Though things will change and vapors fade, there’s something that goes on.  Truth and love in one combined will always sing their song.  For as simple as we try to be, everything else is so complex.

~Tori Lynn


One thought on “Theory of Distraction

  1. Sandra Ellis says:

    …and love goes on. Love you Tori. Wish you were here to help celebrate Colin and Nikki’s B’days…we will make up for it when you return.

    Have a wonderful day in the Lord.

    Sandra Ellis

    (919) 612-3786

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