Randall Hughes

This morning as I was scrolling around the internet, I heard an indistinct knock from the other side of the house.  Unsure if it was a little sibling or my imagination, I paused and listened.  As my curiosity peaked, I grabbed a sweatshirt in case it was a human and I was still in my pajamas, and as soon as the distinct shadow in the front door appeared in my eyes, I pulled it on so I might look a little less like I just rolled out of bed.  By the apologies from the UPS guy about having to wake people up to sign, I realized I failed.  Regardless, he was really nice and with shaking hands I took my box inside.


As I write these words, the box is sitting in my lap.  I haven’t worked up the nerve to open it yet.  Why?  Well, I suppose it is because of the gravity of this package, unlike many gifts or other simple things I get in the mail, this piece of technology will be the binding string to communication with my dear friends while I’m away, it will hold my precious writing and carry pictures full of memories throughout the years.  The late night conversations and long skype calls that will one day take place on this machine are unimaginable, the stories I will come up with while my fingers tap them out on it are beyond reach.

The anticipation is astounding, I might as well open the box now, though.  Blast it, where are the scissors?


Opening this box is much like opening a door to another chapter in life.  Since I started naming my computers, they’ve all held chapters in life, and now it is time for a new one.  The smell is foreign and exciting.


A box within a box!  And little triangle things that kept it from shifting.  Hmm…


I found these little triangle things, I suppose they kept it from shifting.  They make cool hats.


How exciting…


And voila, meet Randall Hughes, my newest computer.


So the next chapter begins, you’ll be hearing from us soon.


~Tori Lynn


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