On Writing

As I was working on a particular story, one of my characters started breaking down the fourth wall with a mallet and insisted upon interviewing me.  And so, here is a rare and exclusive interview by David Arvell.

Dave: Greetings, strange internet humans, I hail from one of the best stories you’ll ever lay eyes on, though I dare say it would be better were I the main character.
Tori: Easy there, let’s just get started.

Dave:  Fine, I gather that you have been writing two stories primarily, tell me about those…
Tori:  Aye, I’ve been writing mostly Benji’s story, which you know very well, as well as Arianna.

Dave:  Now, I won’t question your listing Benji as the main character, but how is it that you have such wonderful supporting characters to run alongside him?
Tori:  Dave, don’t even.

Dave:  Fine, fine.  These stories seem to be incredibly different, what is the contrast of writing them side by side?
Tori:  Well, the main characters in both stories have to deal with unimaginable pain which shapes them through even more challenges into who they become.  The vast difference in how they deal with their pain really shows how different they are.

Dave:  And what about the people they have to help them along the way?
Tori:  Aye, that alters their story greatly.  Though Benji has a wonderful family that loves him, Ari has to next to nothing.

Dave:  Who was your favorite supporting character to write?
Tori:  Wipe that grin off your face, I’m not answering that question.
Dave:  Oh, so is it me then?  It’s okay, I won’t tell the others.
Tori:  Don’t be stupid, I’m not answering you.

Dave:  Very well.  What do you most enjoy about writing each story, respectively?
Tori:  That’s difficult to answer… I’d have to say watching them grow as I write.  They both start out so young and see so much that it’s near impossible to imagine something like that actually happening, but as their character unfolds, something causes me to believe that it very well could.  They’re so real, it’s hard to believe that they aren’t sometimes.  They inspire me to live my own life, I learn the difficult lessons with them, even without facing such challenges in my own life.

Dave:  Now, I also gather that you’ve taken a break from writing Arianna’s story, does that mean you primarily write Benji now, or are you working on something else?
Tori:  I have taken a break from Ari, and I’ve been really working on transferring Benji’s first draft into my writing program so I can keep moving with his story.  At the moment I’m working on several smaller projects on my blog, but no other big stories.

Dave:  And what about your “First” story, the one you really dove into writing a few years ago?
Tori:  Ah yes, of course… Every now and then I still take down some notes and add to it, but the massiveness of that story is too much for me to take on just yet.  In all honesty I’m still researching, and a huge part of the research I need is to just live.
Dave:  When do you think you’ll pick it back up?
Tori:  Whenever I’m ready, I suppose.

Dave: How many more questions may I ask?
Tori:  I’ll give you three more.
Dave: Three?! That’s absurd!
Tori: Would you rather stop here?
Dave: Fine, fine.  I’ll get on with it.
Tori: Good.

Dave: What sort of writing environment do you favor?
Tori: I suppose it varies, depending upon what I’m working on.  I prefer to be near water, like at the beach or something- or perhaps to be somewhere high up, like on my roof.  However, those are often difficult to come by, so I turn my desk into another world if I can.
Dave: How do you go about doing that?
Tori: Mostly with music, it can be unimaginabley inspiring.

Dave: What sort of music inspires you the most- or what do you prefer listening to while writing?
Tori: As I said with the environment- it depends.  I often find myself drawn to anything instrumental or simply quieter music, so long as it’s still beautiful.  I lean heavily towards Mree and Hammock Music at the moment.  But at the same time, certain stories call for more obscure songs that I’d never listen to on my own.
Dave: Interesting.  So the character you’re writing influences what music would work best?
Tori: Aye, ha.  It’s as if they have music tastes of their own.

Dave: Hmmm…. Last question, better make it count.  Do you have any big ideas for writing in the near future and if so, what are they?
Tori: Yes and no, I wouldn’t call them big, but I have a few ideas.  One I’m particularly excited about is Stories With Strangers.
Dave: Sounds fascinating, what is it?
Tori: The idea came from the thought that we rarely get to know people’s stories until we’ve become a fairly large part of them- but we miss out on countless lives that we hardly even crossed the path of, so if I can manage the nerve and circumstance, I’d like to hear how people would tell their story to a near or complete stranger.
Dave: Do you think people will actually tell you their stories?
Tori: I’m not sure, but I hope that someone will.  There’s so much to everyone’s story, so it’s endlessly fascinating to think of what a stranger’s story could hold.

Dave: Fascinating.  In any case, it seems I’ve run out of questions, so I trust you’ll be visiting my story again soon?
Tori: No worries, it won’t be too much longer.
Dave: Please don’t leave me to die alone.
Tori: We’ll have to see about that.

~Tori Lynn


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