The mountains lined up in her hair and the horizon sparkled in her eyes.  Rivers traced lines down her back and oceans spread at her sides.  She was a marvel and a masterpiece, but it was all hidden away, for words and expectations cut her down each day.

She cut the tops off of the mountains and tied her hair in a bun, she covered her eyes to shield them from the sun.  She pulled hoodies around her back for the waters ran cold and she cut off the oceans for they were too much, she was told.

So if you saw her now, you couldn’t even tell, that she was once the marvel that she dares not speak of now.  But if you ever grew close to her, even in this hidden state, all it would take to see is one simple embrace.  You would feel the wonder deep beneath her soul and she would open your eyes to secrets never told, so do not forsake her or let her cry alone.

Her name is special, her life is unknown.

~Tori Lynn


2 thoughts on “Her

  1. gracigrace says:

    I cannot tell you how much I love this

  2. Mike Zaremba says:

    This is absolutely AMAZING!. I love this so much…Tori you write some of the best things ever!. 😀

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