What is to Come

Airport goodbyes will dampen your eyes and sad songs will play with your heart,
Open skies will help you realize, your life is barely past the start,
There’s so much more out there we can’t begin to imagine, so much out of our reach,
These days grow old and we’ll never know just where they intend to lead.

Over mountains and oceans we’ll weave our stories,
Through hallways and keyboards we’ll live,
In time we’ll cross paths and slip on away,
O, I wish I could stay.

We can’t stay in one place or we’ll never meet new faces,
We can’t always sing the same song,
The waves lap the shore and there’s still so much more,
Life is quite the journey.

So don’t be surprised when you can’t dry your eyes,
When embraces become goodbyes,
But hold out your hand for an adventure so grand,
As such a life is in store for you.

~Tori Lynn


One thought on “What is to Come

  1. Jen says:

    Wow! You are a great writer! Thanks for sharing this! It definitely sums up some of my world race journey this past year!

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