Clouded Path

The atmosphere is hazy but we can’t afford to slow down, life is pretty crazy and I can hardly see the ground.  Flying feels like falling and we barely taste the day, in the mornings I wonder how you’ve gotten so far away.

I walk a clouded path of mysteries and wonder, how am I to know my steps or hear over the thunder?  Dizzy eyes and jaded skies lead me to believe there’s something more You have in store much grander than the seas.  We are but pieces in this puzzle, flecks of dust, vapors in the air, I don’t know where You’re leading me but I hope to find You there.

Clear my clouded path and direct my every step, I’m lost without You, lost in death.  Fill me with hope and wake my weary soul, only You have made me whole.

This clouded path of wonders and dreams is calling me on and whispers to me.

There’s so much out there I’ve yet to see, it’s a wonder You haven’t forgotten me.  How is it that I’m still not alone?  As the wind takes to my hair, the future looks so far away, but I know You’ll take me there.  I can’t see far ahead, but perhaps that’s best, an adventure in the making, a marvel of our lives.

For this, this is our journey until we die.

~Tori Lynn


One thought on “Clouded Path

  1. Oh, I love your writing. The imagery! And the poetry! *sigh* Gorgeous. Hits home, too: I’ve no idea what I’m doing after this year. Trust and hope, I guess. God will provide. 🙂

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