Life is something wonderful, something we could never deserve.

There are so many gems along the way, little treasures hidden in the maze of tunnels.  The heart of the mountain is buried deep in time and it’s quite the goal to strive for.

Everything is unexpected, logic will fail you and everything will change.  After the rain a slope will never be the same again, but the ground will again harden and be reshaped.  We’ll leave what is past behind us and strive onward.

The heart will hurt and the mind will ache, but we will find rest for our souls in the light.  Do not imagine that things are as they seem, for unexpected joys and pain will find you.  As the sun rises and warms the earth, so a friend warms a frozen heart.  Let not your heart be burdened by trials, but rejoice in the truth of love.

I’ll dive into this ecstasy of  everything I never imagined and if you need me all you have to do is bring me into your arms.  The warmth of  the sun is as the arms of a dear friend and words can reach into the depths of the soul.  There’s not much left of the summer and before too long the leaves will grow weary and fall.  These nights will go down in our halls of mental pictures to reach back into in the storms and these days will go down in our best memories.

Unexpected surprises will grace our paths and friendships tested by fire may indeed last.  Even as the wind changes directions, the effects will not be taken away.  Light dances in reflections and the darkness recedes with every step, gentle violins caress our thoughts.  As the moon pulls the tide so our friendships pull our lives, and out here in this raging sea it’s so grand to not be alone.  The shore may be far away still, but I’m grateful we’re no longer drowning.  Breathe in the rays of the rising sun and know that there is so much more left to this life.

Crash and run, press on.

~Tori Lynn


One thought on “Unexpected

  1. Love it 🙂 Absolutely beautiful.

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