(A tribute to New Life Camp)

I love that beautiful moment when the sun is still setting, but the stars already begin to grace the sky.  Everything is set for a gorgeous evening, but my call echoes on.

I can’t quite feel the ground as the wind stirs the water and the trees echo the sound.  The peals of laughter echo through this place, almost everyone wears a smile on their face.

Another world between the roads, a separate piece of reality, a sweet escape.  A blessing of joy and opportunity, even when it only plays a part.

Where friendliness is commonplace and praising God comes naturally, a little slice of paradise where even the storms can’t beat us.

Long days and heat waves, they seem like nothing compared to the overflowing joy that makes it all worth it.  Love abounds as we all share a common goal in this place like no other.

“We’ll be friends forever and while we are apart, I will pray for you and always keep you in my heart.”

~Tori Lynn


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