Full Metal Alchemist

“Even when our eyes are closed, there’s a whole world out there that lives outside ourselves and our dreams.” -Edward Elric


My sister and I finished watching this excellent anime last week and I’m still reeling in this state of shock.  It was breath-taking and brilliant.  I found myself not only drawn to the characters, but experiencing their pain, confusion and trials with them.  It’s not a story for the weak of heart, the intensity surges from the beginning to the very end with twists that have left my mind in a mess.  It’s not that the plot was so intricate or thick that I couldn’t follow it, but the story drew me in to an extent that I was experiencing it with them.  I could feel their regret, their pain, their confusion…

The lessons learned were astounding.  The quote above is but a small piece of all this wonderful anime encompasses.  Being a great deal longer than any other I’ve seen, I wondered if it would be worth sticking through all 51 episodes and a movie, but it certainly was.

The element of alchemy ran as a center theme for the anime and was used extraordinarily.  I had my hesitations in giving it a chance and I’m so glad that I did.  It is indeed a story that will stick with me through life, I hope to never forget it and what I learned from it.

“We can’t keep living like our own dreams are all that matter, okay?”  -Edward Elric

There’s so much more to life than we ever imagined, and we never really stop growing and learning from our mistakes.  We come up with these ideas and treat them as facts until we learn better, but most choose to cling to what they knew before as a delusion.  It’s so easy to get wrapped up in our own selfish dreams that we miss that they aren’t even best anymore, or even attainable.  Not in the giving up fashion, but in learning that you can’t really perfectly imagine things as they should be.  Not that we should ever stop dreaming, but to learn how to move onward from things, through them.  To learn to love, regardless.  To learn who we are.  To fight, and to build restraint.


There are so many people that impact us, and to love them all is quite the adventure, but we must also learn when to trust them and when not to, when their influence on us is for the best and when their advice isn’t quite right.  And to forgive them again anyhow.

Life is quite the journey.

“A lesson without pain is meaningless.” -Hiromu Arakawa

~Tori Lynn


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