It is difficult for the prideful to learn if not impossible, for they do not wish to accept that there is something wrong in what they have believed.  Seeking truth requires humility, willingness to admit that in reality your life is but a vapor and your opinion even less.

O, it is a difficult lesson indeed, but without it we would stand no chance at learning much else.

Waves of intricate existence both precede and will follow us.   Though we must not neglect to do what we can, we must not be so arrogant to assume that we are more than we are.

We stand before the rest of our lives, on the edge of grand journeys, at the start of a difficult path.  To follow Him is no mere folly, but an epic tale, and in epic tales there is always much more than simplicity.

Though the path is small and neglected by many, it is so very worth it.

So seek Him with humility, love endlessly and cling to hope.

There is so much more to life, so much more to learn, so much more to Him…  I can’t get enough of it, though I seek Him continually, I still long for Him even more.   Though I learn more every day,  my thirst for His wisdom is relentless.

I am nothing without Him.

~Tori Lynn


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