Kaichou wa Maid Sama

(Translation: The president is a maid)

Alas, I have finished yet another splendid anime.  However, in order to rightly even speak of this one, the simplest concept of the whole show must be explained, Maid cafes.  I will be quick and simple but if you wish to know more about them you can look here or research on your own.  In the simplest explanation, it is a cosplay cafe with waitresses (typically cute and innocent looking girls) wearing maid costumes serve the patrons in an unusual environment as masters of a house instead of customers at a restaurant.  Never having been to one myself, all I know about them comes from research as well as what I saw in this anime.

Regardless, though there’s not immorality associated with working in a maid cafe, it can be rather embarrassing, which sets the stage for this brilliant anime.

Ayuzawa Misaki, the student council president of the newly co-ed Seika High has taken on the task of making the school a more friendly and safe environment for the girls attending and to draw more in by reforming the rep of the school.  Meanwhile, she works a part time job as a maid to help support her family.  Her reputation is threatened by the possibility of her secret leaking, and as with any secret, people begin to find out.

And as far as the details of the show, I will leave my explanation behind at this point and get into why I enjoyed it so much.

In all honesty, it took this show (as well as some difficult lessons from my friends) to realize that I have trouble just having fun.  It’s EXTREMELY difficult for me to just let go of whatever’s on my mind and have fun, not to say I have any trouble enjoying time with people or alone, but fun is this whole other matter.

Anyhow, it was really splendidly done in my opinion, I found myself relating to and loving each of the characters in a different way.  Beyond anything else though, as well as not judging a story by the setting, you can’t judge people by what image they portray (even intentionally).  There’s always more to people than you know, most times more than they themselves know.


People can be rather astounding and endlessly interesting.  Usui and Hinata proved to both be excellently flawed characters, and as for Ayuzawa herself, she learned a lot and grew as we all struggle to do.  That’s something I’ve come to love about school animes, you get to see into lives of people you never knew and watch them grow as you grow with them.  There’s so much to life and it’s never as simple as we try to imagine it at first, and no matter how strong we might think we are, none of us can do it alone.

~Tori Lynn


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