O, how mistaken we are! Fools caught in our own deception, sailors that deny we’re at sea.

A kind word is nice, but a small truth spoken in haste is but a drop of water to the thirsty, a grain of salt for the starving.

To think that we can believe this is all, to live and provide for ourselves.  To think that we claim to bear the light and yet we seek the shadows.

O, how have we fallen so low?  That we find it a marvel to see one who loves.  Waves come and then they also fall, the wind blows but it will still, and even the sun sets every evening.  But how are we tossed about so uneasily?

O God, have we abandoned you?  Have we sought your pleasures and denied You glory?  O God how you love us miserable creatures!  Cleanse my heart and forgive me my selfishness.

What a wonder it is, to be included in such a grand plan, to have a part in this epic story.  Show us Your desires for us, guide us in Your ways.  Teach us Your heart and don’t let us fall away.

O, what miserable creatures we are, to have been loved so dearly and fully yet we claim not to know how to.  Let Your love be evident within us, let Your light shine through us.

Have we been so mistaken that we’ve missed it all?  Not again God, please don’t let us fall.

~Tori Lynn


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