Sometimes it’s hard to weather the storm, and it’s hard to imagine life again as the flames lick at the once green forest.  Oh, it can be so difficult to stand against the waves and fight the tide.  Sometimes it’s hard to focus on the light when the darkness won’t stop seeping in.  It’s hard to catch your breath and take on just one more lap.

But o, is it worth it.  To see the light shining through the day, to see life return again and the damage all cleared away.  O, it’s magnificent to swim underneath the waves to the greatest of depths, to finish your race.

Sometimes it’s hard to press on when the end is something you can’t focus on, but that doesn’t mean we should forget that it’s there.  So dance with all your heart and thrive in this life, give it all you’ve got for He’s right by your side.

~Tori Lynn



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