Mental Claustrophobia

As this is the only term I could find for writer’s block that truly fit.

Writer’s block can be as you are chained in a straight jacket to the floor.  The key is hanging in front of your face, taunting you, but there’s naught you can do to reach it.  You can flail around and bang your head on the wall and floor, you can even hit your head on the key, but you can’t get it, nor can you free yourself.

We all strive on in the hope that someone, the right person will be able to find us and use this key to unlock our minds once again.  That is where the situation sort of becomes more complicated, because only the precious few can see within our minds, the unsaid words and chained up thoughts.  Only they can free us, because only they will know how.

It is so releasing, writing again after being freed from the dreadful trap.  Moving your mental arms and legs around, you may even run in circles with your words out of sweet release.  I find myself collapsing in gratitude.  It’s a stressful matter, not being able to use words in any manner of writing, but the release of them once again flowing is oh so grand.

It’s can be scary, being unable to write, especially for a writer.  We’re well aware that not many people can write at all, or even very much, but when writing comes as breathing to us, it’s rather frightening when it all of a sudden stops.   And so, being freed from such a block feels much like having your life saved in a way.

~Tori Lynn


One thought on “Mental Claustrophobia

  1. Elaine Wiles says:

    Writer’s block is mentally painful. And I have been through it many times. Seems the less you dwell on it the sooner you find yourself climbing out of that hole. I have at least three journals going at one time and have finished one short story. I have an itch to write something now but it is to close at this time. And sometimes the best thing to do is just stare at that mountain, because it is there, and it could tell so many stories.
    peace be with you, elaine

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