Camp Wonders

Today I preformed my second first aid of the summer, though the first one hardly counts since I had to treat a bee sting on myself.  It wasn’t anything big, just scratched up feet, but something stuck out to me about it, part of this pretty amazing day.

As I was finishing up and throwing away my gloves, he thanked me and I told him I hoped he had a good rest of his week at camp.  He smiled back and said he hoped I had a good life, because he probably wouldn’t see me again, but would remember that forever.

It was sort of odd and funny, but it really made my day.

Not to mention us lifeguard had a pretty good time on the diving boards between swim time.  Being the first place I’ve ever worked (as a paid worker, that is), I’ve absolutely loved working at camp.  It’s been a true wonder, and though I know I’ll have to work elsewhere eventually, the experience has truly helped me a great deal.  I don’t know, I just love being there, around the other staff and the kids.  As I stood on the high dive, I looked around.  There’s no other view in camp like there is from up there, it took my breath away.  When I was younger, I always looked to the water.  I wasn’t as afraid as most of the other kids, but I was very paranoid about landing right.  Today, I noticed how differently I viewed every part of the lake, as a protector, almost an adult.  But to me, it’s still gorgeous.  It may be dirty and full of creatures most people don’t look forward to coming in contact with, but I love it.

While we waited to call girls swim time because no one was showing up (that’s highschool week for you), I watched the clouds stir above the trees and listened to the wind rustling through them.  I thank God so often that I’ve had the blessed opportunity to work there.  It’s such a beautiful place in so many ways.



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