I have a thousand things to write about

If you’re ever going to compare writing essays to creative writing, you may as well compare swim team to going to the beach.

Summer seems like a blur once it gets going, but for the first time, I have something entirely strange waiting on the other side of it.  In order not to lose myself to excitement or spazz out in nervousness, I must keep my mind busy, or thrive in the moment, as we so often said last summer.  It’s amazing how much time has passed and all that has happened.  Life is truly an adventure.

Every day is a new experience, the people who cross my path, the things that come to mind, the stories that unfold in front of me, if I only could keep up with them all.

There are a lot of particular journeys and stories that I’m incredibly excited about, but that’s the thing about when life becomes an adventure, there’s less time to write about it.  However, I do indeed intend to catch up, oh there is so much even now on my mind.  It may take a day, or even a week or two before I’m back on track with everything, but isn’t that life?

~Tori Lynn


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