Angel Beats

I recently finished another lovely anime bearing the title Angel Beats.  I loved it, it was a very precious and well told story.  Though odd, it captures attention in a shocking way.

Everyone is dead.

Beyond that, I won’t delve into any details of the show or even names, so as not to spoil anything for a potential viewer.

Angel Beats

But it made me think, it really pried my mind open and inspired me a great deal.  It showcased the brevity of life and how precious each moment is.  It posed a question in the depth of my soul; What if we did everything we could in order to help a person be happy, feel loved, and at peace?

I won’t say much more about it, for it surpassed the ability of words to capture.  However, if you did watch it, once you make it to episode ten (please don’t skip to it) you might catch a glimpse of what I mean.  It’s absolutely gorgeous.

One of the common themes used is this song, and I can’t stop listening to it.  It’s one of those dear songs that resounds from my heart.  It speaks of life, death, and beauty…  But I’ll let it speak for itself.

Life is precious.  People are beautiful.  Love changes everything.

~Tori Lynn


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