Oh, if I could paint a picture with the sunsets, I could show you my life.  If I could capture the images in my head, I could tell you a story using only the precious moments when the sun paints the sky before descending into darkness.

That’s how life happens, isn’t it? In the breathless moments more than those that stretch on.

The setting sun has a way of lighting up one’s eyes in a way that illuminates everything beautiful within them.  As the colors swirl with the clouds and descend into the skyline, the day begins to slip into the night.  Whenever I notice the sunset, it tends to mark a special occasion or evoke a dear memory.  I don’t always watch it, but certain ones grace my mind with special memories.

The sun sets in many places and at many times in our lives, but those times that we note it’s presence are the times we will remember.

As it gently descended over the lake from a blue autumn sky, as it fluttered down over the trees, warming our faces, as it dropped below the mountains, as it painted the sky in bursts of color.  I remember the times I shared sunsets with so many dear faces, and each time I see a sunset, I am flooded with memories and dreams.


~Tori Lynn


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