Owl City

I often find myself longing for inspiration, something dreamy, a break from the everyday routine.  I can’t daydream as easily as I once could, I find myself locked away in responsibilities and expectations.  With graduation literally around the corner, work starting next week and a load of school to finish before then, I’ve let my mind wash away with these tasks and preparations.  These past few days, however, my spirit has been lifting and I’ve felt relief and joy.  Though it was gradual, it was a blessing and my smile no longer wished to hide.

A headache shot me down again and they can be extremely discouraging to the mind.  It felt like taking on a sickness the day before leaving on a long journey, but today, it lifted.

Through the changes and artistic growth of the past year or so, I’ve watched the inspiration I gained from Owl City start to fade.  I’ve been used to people mocking how much I loved all his music and blog posts and such, but they began to come more frequent.

Perhaps this all sounds rather silly, I don’t really care at this point.  It’s a hard pill to swallow when you realize you’ve accidentally put someone on a pedestal  and it’s a shock when you realize this by being disappointed when they turn out to be just as real a person as you.  When I discovered this, it was rather embarrassing, and I ended up trying to stifle my own enjoyment of his music.  This was more discouraging than how it all began in the first place, but I pushed it to the back of my mind in light of all that was going on.

This morning, I found a recording of his performance on Yahoo last night.  I’d been really frustrated that I missed it, so I was extremely excited to find it.  I wasn’t really expecting how it would affect me.  Within just the first song, I was beaming and headache vanished.  Energy streamed through me and I still can’t seem to quit smiling, the heart of all of his songs that excited me so much in the first place hasn’t left, I simply forgot how to enjoy it.  New or old, like he said, it’s the same canvas, just different strokes.

Owl City has been a special place for me, not only is it a sort of escape, but a way of interpreting the life all around me as something beautiful and something I can understand and be a part of even though I feel so out of place.

I remember now how thrilling the only concert of his I’ve ever been to was, how excited I get with each new song, (believe me, the new Oreo commercial is GOLD), the encouragement I receive from his blog posts, and what an inspiration he is to me.  Cause even though none of us are perfect, there are beautiful people in the world, don’t fool yourself to think they’re perfect, but let them inspire you, learn from their mistakes as well as their success, and don’t forget to laugh with them.

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In all truth and honesty, Adam Young in all of his music projects and writings is a huge inspiration to me, I’ve learned a lot from him, and though I’ve never met him, I’d love to someday, and even if I never do, I’m thankful that I was blessed to hear his music.

Don’t let the trials of life take away from the blessings, but instead let the blessings overflow into the trials.

~Tori Lynn



2 thoughts on “Owl City

  1. gcwallace@nc.rr.com says:

    I like.

  2. brookerolfe says:

    wowee, you write beautifully! i definitely went through that stage you speak of, and at the end of the day who even cares what other people think, they aren’t the ones who get to feel what we feel when we listen to Adam’s music!

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