When It Changes by Brielle

Sometimes, things change. Scratch that– things will change. You don’t have a choice. It’s the way you handle things that shows who you are.

Think back to when you were younger, when your face lit up when you saw fireflies. When Play-Doh was the coolest treat. When the outdoors was where your creativity lived. The only thing that hurt you was your best friend wouldn’t share. Better go tell mom.

Then you got a little bit older, and things changed . Picking friends was harder and your trust got broken. You thought you were all grown up; you were just a kid. You made your name and you figured out what you liked to do, a very important decision might I add.

Five more years, life really changed . Your friends are different, though you still watch Veggie Tales. You’re more careful about who you tell things. You’re more hesitant about making friends. People will change. Bad things will happen. You will lose people you care most about. And as depressing as it is, it will happen.

I love some very important people; we all do. I know one in particular who’s leaving me soon. Someone who ones this account … I love her dearly. And she’s growing up. It saddens me immensely, but I can’t do anything about it. I remember meeting her …

I thought she had made my sister into a teenager and I hated her. My sister wasn’t acting like my best friend I’ve grown up with for years. But as time went by, I got older too. This girl I’d met had a lot of similarities with me and we complemented each other perfectly. We’ve had the funniest times together. And I have to trust that she’ll never leave me; she’ll never replace me. She became one of the best friends I could ever hope for. She’s beautiful, intelligent, hilarious, and a second big sister. She understands me and she never judges me. I love Tori Lynn Wallace with all my heart. I’ll never forget her and even though she’s growing up and moving on as we all do, there’s a friendship of ours that will never change. And no one is as blessed as me, for I found the most real friends. They are treasures. Tori Lynn– your sense of humor, your compassion, your dreams, don’t ever change .

Once a Sergeant
Always a Sergeant

-Tamama (Brielle)


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