We’re all guilty of tossing aside the details for the sake of the basics, but at what cost? Sure, you can explain something, but while draining away the beauty of it?

If you take a painting as fact, you miss the whole idea of it.

If you honestly believe that the written story is all there is to the tale, you’ve missed it all.

If you take a person at their surface, you’ll never get to know the beauty inside.

If you think the journey is only made in neatly pressed details and accomplishments, you’ve so much to learn.

If you think that all you see is all there is, you’ve missed everything.

Life is beautiful and the details are magnificent. Though, I stare in wonder, I know I’ll never truly grasp it all. The stars are elegantly strung together, but if you could see each of them up close, they’d take your breath away. It’s not about the pieces, it’s not about the big picture, it’s about the combination. That’s how we were created. Our beloved Creator made each single detail of everything we are and where we live, and He strung it all together in the most beautiful of stories and we are but a fragment.

The leaves rolling across the street, the nervous jitters of falling in love, the first breath after coming out of the water, dust floating in a beam of light, realizing that your view has changed, finding a friend, the panic in something new, all these things are beautiful in and of themselves, but alone they are only fragments of much greater stories.

The key to understanding is realizing there’s so much more than you could ever understand, but still being amazed by it all.

Everyone has a story, everyone is important, everyone needs to be loved.

~Tori Lynn


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