Little Dreams

My love and I, we hardly ever say goodnight, and even sometimes, we’ll talk ’till sunrise.  Sleepy rose petals and feathery dreams, this little word is bursting at the seams.

Have you ever lived a dream so real with people you could touch and feel?  With smiles you could feel inside and hidden places you could hide?  Have you ever wandered back into the same dream world a night or two?  Have you encountered a face in your dreams that gave you hope, that pushed you on when you wanted to mope?

Have you lived another life to wake up unchanged, why not end this ritual today?  Explore the worlds inside your mind, search and see what you may find.  There’s so much to grasp, life isn’t about some meaningless tasks.  Let’s not forget the path which we lead, for He died for you and He died for me.

So remember with a smile, and laugh with a tear, there’s love and joy, and hatred and fear.  The world’s a wonder, not unlike our dreams, everything isn’t quite what it seems.  So remember this, in your little dreams, there’s something more,  something they mean.

~Tori Lynn


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