The Difference

The difference is every last detail, every breath.

The trail taken, the sights seen, the friends made and lost, the trials faced, the words spoken, the sounds received, the timing of it all, the sowing of the seeds.

The year, the month, the hour, the day.  Seconds pass slowly and weeks fly.

Everything changes in a second.  Each second holds a different story for each person.

Together, people pass time, but the time passed leaves different marks on each of them.  Separation marks separate journeys.  Time wears on unaccounted for and kind faces become masks for strangers who pretend.

The difference is in the mind, where pain is felt and happiness is chosen or discarded.  Where each step is accounted for, where we vary the most of all.

Every path crosses at different points, they weave and fade and often pass away.

Each mind flows different, thoughts take their own forms.  The subtle heartbeat winds its own tune.  The difference in what makes it beat fast, what brings sweat to their palms, what makes their eyes go wide.

The difference is life.  The difference is undeniable.  The difference is beautiful, will you seek understanding?  Will you draw knowledge out of the deepest of wells?  Will you love like a hurricane?  Will you listen to others as you wish they’d listen to you?  Will you share your story as you wish others would theirs?  Will you be the change you desire?  Will you share the Light?

The difference is you.

~Tori Lynn


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