Perhaps time is really perspective and it passes us all by in ways that are measurable only by memories.  Certain periods of time are saturated with deep and long-lasting fragments of memory and others are but a vapor in passing.

Three years ago yesterday, I began writing in this blog.  I never really imagined it turning into this, though I’m not sure what I ever imagined it being.  So much has changed…

I’ve learned many a thing from this experience, and yet I feel as if this is still only the beginning.  I may not blog forever, they may be a day when I still live that opening my blog page will be like lifting the lid of a dusty chest in the back of a long- abandoned attic.  For now, though, I will continue here.  It’s been quite the journey, for that’s the only word I truly know to use to express the past three years.  Starting off I was incredibly insecure and uncertain, I was a stranger to the world and even to myself.  I waded cautiously through time, always ready to climb out and hide away from it.  However, there came the place where I had to dive in and thrive in it.  The years and months pass by at the speed of light while the weeks and the days drag on relentlessly.

Words have become vastly important to me, like delicate little treasures.  Even still, I struggle to use them as well as I’d like to.  Weaving words is a delicate task, and though it would be easy to be careless, they hold much weight and can be truly beautiful.  Careless words can be the greatest of wounds.

Time, let my friends not become strangers, but carry us on this journey.  The Light which washed us clean, may we always follow.  As time winds on, let us take in each moment fully.  For this, this is our journey…

~Tori Lynn


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