They Matter

To the scars and the broken hearts, to the lied to and the beaten down, to the hated and the lost, it’s not over yet.

To the screamers and the jaded souls, to the thirsty and those needing more, to the forgotten and the weakest ones, you’re not alone.

Who’s going to hold the lonely tonight?  Who will stay with the broken as they cry?
How can we hope to spread the light till we break down our walls and stop feeding this fight?

Why must we feed those searching for love with fear?  Would you take on their scars?  Would you share in their tears?

Every single person is important, they all have their stories.  Please remember they all matter.  You’ve no right to judge them or discount who they are.  There’s so much to life, there’s hope in our savior.  Don’t smear his name with your pride and your ignorance.  Don’t let fear destroy you.

They’re waiting, they’re hoping.  What will you do? They’re losing hope, they feel alone.  What will you do?

For the ones who have always tried, who’ve always seemed to be fine.  For those who were ignored, who had to always seem strong.  You’re not alone.

~Tori Lynn


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