And then one day, you no longer see them in passing, hear them across the room, your paths have finally split and you never said goodbye.

See, that’s the thing about life. It’s not like in movies, there’s no “6 months later” to skip over the transition periods, you have to live every single second. With all the new hellos and complications of growing up, people move, times pass, memories are made and before you know it you can’t go back. There’s a clear moment between the last time someone is in your life regularly and when they’re gone.  A quick run to the doctor and you just miss a few laughs, and a quick run to the airport and it’s over. With a toss of the cap, you’re no longer bound by daily circumstances. Sometimes we never get to say goodbye, and those are the worst kinds. And even when you do say goodbye, sometimes it wasn’t the goodbye you meant it to be, when in a flash you’re giving quick hugs and they’re gone. Everything changed all of a sudden.

Every person you encounter impacts your life in an unmeasurable way. There will always be certain things you can see that they did for you, but there are also countless others in your subconscious,  little quirks you pick up.

They say everything changes all at once and over time, but maybe it just changes over time and you feel it all at once. It slips in through the cracks and suddenly you look around and you’re underwater. Time slips away and locks you up, while you’re waiting for some things the ones you have start to slip away.

Maybe that’s why transitions are the way they are in movies, because that 6 months or 3 years may not seem very important until it’s missing. Don’t take a second for granted, don’t let excitement steal away the rich joy. Don’t you fake it, a sad song can be sweeter than a happy one, so long as your heart is truly in it.

You don’t realize what everything was until it changes.

~Tori Lynn


2 thoughts on “Fading

  1. Nonny says:

    Very well spoken, Tori…Reminds of losing Janie who was so dear to me…we did get to say good bye to each other and I look forward to her meeting me at the gate when the bells of Heaven ring announcing my entry. Thanks for your writing and your, beyond your years, indepth thinking.

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