There was a place by the sea at the end of the jetty where a pool of water rested in one of the giant rocks. She would run to this place when she was lonely or didn’t understand. She ran as a child and she runs as a young woman and she sits on the edge of the rock with her feet in the still water. She watches the waves lapping at the rocks around her and she smiles because on her rock she is safe. She watches the sunset delicately paint the sky until it slips underneath the dark cover of the night and she looks at the stars as they light up her smile.

She watches the twilight in silence and she marvels at the sunrise. When she steps out on the rocks, she lets her problems fade away into the crashing of the sea. Sure, life is complicated, but it’s beautiful too. She learned once that all of this in all its magnificence is composed of complex and microscopic things that are made of even smaller ones down to vibrations and rays of light. Though she can’t quite wrap her mind around it all, she sees the beauty it all makes together, and even when life bumps her around she can still smile because she knows she’s been made for something more. Instead of seeking release in anger and sadness, she seeks peace and sweet release, because even if she’s just a tiny little piece in it somewhere, she’s a part of an elegant masterpiece formed by the ultimate Artist, the very same one who made her escape.

She comes her alone and she comes here with those who hold her heart and the one who knows and loves it well. She watches the little pool ripple at the touch of her feet, she watches the seaweed as it grows, she watches the fish jump from wave to wave and she sighs deeply. It’s going to be alright.

~Tori Lynn


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