Butterfly Wings

I had almost forgotten the joys of daydreaming when a little butterfly led me to a dreamy cityscape earlier in the day. I watched it flutter about joyfully free around the skyline and weave between the cars. I watched it visit a rainbow of flowers and alight upon a purple one, where a caterpillar crawled below. That is when I realized the butterfly provides for the coming generation, feeding and replenishing, so that the caterpillars that hope to fly may survive that long as the flowers keep on living.

I hope to do that, in a way. As I grow, to keep pouring out where I take in, to pass around what I learn, so that people may learn from me the way I learned from others and we may all reach the place where we have been called.

So fly onward, but don’t forget those who are still in coming, we’ve all come from somewhere and we all have somewhere to go. As you’re reaching for your dreams, you’re giving someone else the chance to reach theirs someday.

~Tori Lynn


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